• Irvin | Socialify

    Irvin | Socialify

    Co-founder of Salt De5igns + Lead Strategist at Socialify, a social media listening and engagement company in Singapore + an avid man utd fan! #IAMUNITED

  • John Bjorn Nelson

    John Bjorn Nelson

    Computational Social Scientist Ph.D. Candidate. Wannabe cultural hacker. Expert Bikeshedder.

  • Rebecca Whitney

    Rebecca Whitney

    @AdvisoryNine Former marketing agency owner. Entrepreneur in marketing, business creation, data, tech, innovation, CX.

  • Mike Schoultz

    Mike Schoultz

    Mike Schoultz writes about improving the performance of business. Bookmark his blog for stories and articles. www.digitalsparkmarketing.com

  • massimo scalzo

    massimo scalzo

    â–ºLEADERSHIP VISIONARY / DIGITAL STRATEGIST - I take out the Best Leadership Sides of People and create Digital Strategies. I am an Entrepreneur and a Sportsman.

  • Steven Arthur, RN

    Steven Arthur, RN

    Lover of The Stoics, #selfresponsibility 💯, Cancer Thriver, authentic human.

  • Uber Freelancer

    Uber Freelancer

    Uber Freelancer is an up and coming Freelancing web site were people can post jobs or find work. www.uberfreelancer.com

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