I was immediately drawn to Wandee Khunchornyakong’s sincerity. She didn’t seem like a CEO, instead she felt like a friend. We walked into the SPCG headquarters with the BBC team, passing by the many staff who greeted us with their smiles. It was our second day in Bangkok after interviewing some of Thailand’s most successful female CEOs.

“Here are some gifts for you all. The black rice is harvested within many Thai communities and the shirts were hand made by these communities too. Welcome to SPCG” Wandee said in the most welcoming of tones. …

Developing emotional capacity can give organizations a new humanistic edge, and guide the road to help pioneer the new world post COVID-19

Silicon Valley is no stranger to buzz word job titles. Happiness Engineer, Security Princess and Software Ninjaneer are some real working examples. But with this slew of ultra cool job titles, it would seem they have missed the most important one: a Chief Healing Officer.

Over the last 5 years I have met with many CEOs and leaders in Silicon Valley both on and off the record. In 2017, we did a BBC series and interviewed CEOs from HP, Box, Slack, Udacity and others. Sebastian Thrun, CEO of Udacity, was one of the CEOs who spoke more openly about Silicon…


Why Dealing With Toxic People Starts With Developing Good Character

Creating a workplace culture that focuses on employee well-being starts with how we treat one another.

The moral compass has been pulled from the pockets of company executives navigating what is now new and challenging terrain. We see people everywhere watching how leadership will respond to the current crisis, and how they will treat their employees, customers, investors and stakeholders.

Many companies have finally started to value the human lives that make up their organization. It almost sounds ludicrous that we are at this point of inflection, but we are grateful nonetheless that employee well-being and human needs are now being taken more seriously.

But there is still an…

If I am to honour courage, and the quality of spirit that is being asked right now, I must own up to the state of emotional distress I have experienced. I cannot remember a time when I have cried so deeply at the state of the world, or have felt the extent of suffering for others so profoundly. The pain our black community must be feeling is insurmountable. As I cry, I will never truly understand.

For some white people, they are starting to feel the shame that comes with injustice. Injustice is synonymous with shame, and shame as a…

Ana Marinovic

CEO Newmanity. Award winning leadership entrepreneur. On a mission to build human centred companies. Follow me on Instagram @theanamarinovic

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